History, Society and Culture in the contemporary Brazilian cinema

The course examines how historical, social and cultural aspects of Brazil, including the notion of “brasilianidade” and the stereotypical image of Brazilians, are reflected in Brazilian contemporary films and documentaries. The exhibition of (part of) films and documentaries combined with a bibliography based on Cultural Studies, Anthropology and Sociology will be the core of the course, which deals with the language, images, and representations used in the films and documentaries in a critical way. Selected films will contribute to the discussion of historical, social and cultural aspects of the Brazilian life as they not simply reproduce the national identity or reflect a social reality, but also use the dominant discourses and the common ideas about Brazilian culture, history and society in an attempt to affirm, reconstruct, negotiate or contest such discourses and ideas.

Required Textbooks:
Kerr, Gordon (2014). A Short History of Brazil: from pre-colonial peoples to modern economic miracle. UK: Oldcastle Books.
Page, Joseph (1995). The Brazilians. Hachette Book Group.

Prerequisite: None

Language of instruction: English

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