Research Seminar, Spring 2018: Provisional Timetable

The French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies Research Seminar is pleased to announce an updated schedule for the semester. More events may be added soon. If you would like to present in the Spring, please contact with or


Spring, 2018
Wednesdays, 3:00-4:30pm
FHIS Department Lounge, 7th Floor, Buchanan Tower

Jan 10:        Book Launch: The International Day of the Dead. With Ari de la Mora and Jérôme Baconnier

Jan 17:        Grant Application Workshop, with Gaby Pailer (CENES). With the Department of Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies

Jan 24:        Hervé Curat, “La voie des mythes revisitée. Des pilleurs de nids de Guyane aux chasseurs de phoques dʼAlaska”

Jan 31:

Feb 7:         Gloria Onyeoziri-Miller, “Is Utopia a Dream or a Memory?”

Feb 14:       Maria Carbonetti

Feb 28:

Mar 7:

Mar 14:      Bill Winder, “Insignificant Things Computers can do with Language and Literature”

Mar 21:      Gaoheng Zhang, “China Looked Up to Italy: Early 20th-Century Chinese Nationalist-Reformers’ Views of the Italian Nation-State through Mobilities” (This week’s seminar will start at 3:30pm)

Mar 28:

Apr 4:        Anna Casas, “Masculinities and Self-Writing after Franco”

All welcome!