Reading Group | Literary Theory: On Violence (Fall-Winter schedule, 2017-2018)

Literary Theory | Reading Group (2017-18)
Divine, Symbolic, Gender, Class, Political,
Legal and Normative Violence in the 20th Century.

The departmental Theory reading group is open to all, faculty and graduate students.

When: Fridays, 1.00pm-2.00pm.
Where: Room 826, 8th Floor Buchanan Tower.

: Georges Sorel, Selected Chapters, Reflexions on Violence (1905).
October: Walter Benjamin, “Critique of Violence” (1921)
November 17th: Sigmund Freud, Selected Chapters, Civilisation and Its Discontents (1929).
December 8th: Hannah Arendt, Selected Chapters, On Violence (1970).
January 12th: Eric Hobsbawm, “The Rules of Violence,” Revolutionaries (1973).
January 26th: Jacques Derrida, “Force of Law: The «Mystical Foundation of Authority»” (1989)
February 16th: Pierre Bourdieu, “A Magnified Image,” Masculine Domination (1998).
March 9th: Giorgio Agamben, “Force-of-Law” and “Auctoritas and Potestas,” State of Exception (2003)
April 6th: Judith Butler, “Violence, Mourning, Politics,” Precarious Life (2004)
April 27th: Slavoj Žižek, “Divine Violence,” Violence: Six Sideways Reflections (2008)

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