Explore the Amazon region in this interdisciplinary course. We will examine pressing environmental and cultural issues in relation to the most biodiverse region on Earth. Through guest lectures ranging from a variety of disciplines, this course will discuss diverse topics related to the region and its major global impact. We will also study films and read critical texts. Course taught in conjunction with the UBC Museum of Anthropology’s current exhibition “Amazonia: The Rights of Nature.” We will have weekly guest speakers and museum visits.

Confirmed guest speakers:

Jon Beasley-Murray (FHIS)
Kim Beauchesne (FHIS)
Maxwell Cameron (Political Science)
Odile Cisneros (U of Alberta)
Wade Davis (Anthropology)
Michael Lathuillière (Resources, Environment and Sustainability)
Ernest Mathijs (Film Studies)
Marcos Moscoso (FHIS)
Gaby Pailer (CENES)
Axel Perez Trujillo (U of Alberta)
Nuno Porto (Museum of Anthropology)
Pilar Riaño-Alcalá (Social Work)
Sarah Shamash (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Ildiko Szabo and Jenny Muñoz Zapata (Beaty Biodiversity Museum)
Andrea Vasquez (Forestry)
Geoffrey Winthrop-Young (CENES)

Readings and Films
There are no required books for this course. Required texts will be available in PDF through the course website. Films will be made available through the library and screenings.

Prerequisite: None

Language of instruction: English

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