Instructor of French
Language Program Director (French)

Office Hours:
Monday & Friday 10:30-11:30
Wednesday 15:00-16:00
Or by appointment

Advising Hours:
Monday & Friday 10:30-11:30
Wednesday & Thursday by appointment only

MA Linguistics, University of Lyon
PhD Linguistics, University of Lyon

Stephanie Palisse joined the University of British Columbia Continuing Studies Department in 2009, before joining FHIS in 2014.
Her academic research focused on the discourse in interaction, especially language at work: linguistic politeness, gender studies, cultural differences in linguistic politeness, negotiation in work interactions, influence of work spaces, with an interest not only for linguistics, but also sociolinguistics, psychology at work and anthropology. She also taught semiotics at Lyon II.
For the last twelve years, she’s focused more on French as a Second Language and has been both teaching and training teachers of French as a second language. She has worked on teaching syllabi, student assessment, developing online courses (with Alliance Française and UBC) and has an extensive knowledge of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). She has been working on adapting the CEFR to university context.



  • French as a second language
  • Pedagogy
  • Linguistics
  • Discourse in Interaction


2010, Analyse interactionnelle et comparative des interactions téléphoniques de travail dans les très petites, petites et moyennes entreprises, Éditions Universitaires Européennes.

Book chapter
2004, « Rôles et pouvoirs de la secrétaire de PME dans la négociation avec le client », in La négociation au travail, Lyon : PUL.

Winter 2019

FREN122 Intermediate French I Sections

Refinement of reading, writing and speaking skills through the study of contemporary literature and other authentic documents of the French-speaking world. This course is aligned with level B1 objectives of the CEFR.

Winter 2019

FREN224 Upper-Intermediate French I Sections

Communicative proficiency at an autonomous level: vocabulary enrichment, pronunciation practice, grammatical analysis and development of efficient reading and writing techniques. This course is aligned with level B2 objectives of the CEFR.