MA Student in French


After years dedicated to Philosophy (BA – Princeton 1983, PhD – UCSB 1996, followed by teaching hither and yon), something new needed doing.  Hence, my current status: graduate student of French in the Department of FHIS at the University of British Columbia, Canada.  Preliminary French studies were made possible by the generous assistance of Astérix, Obelix and Lucky Luke during childhood (as well as francophone parents who didn’t insist, but did play along).

I love running in the woods on lousy days, or even when it’s sunny. Wind and trees, coyotes and the way rain drops momentarily stay as tiny spheres atop the water of a pool are the kinds of thing I find magical and beautiful. Language fascinates.


  • Art, science and their overlap – aesthetics, metaphysics and epistemology
  • Philosophy of and in literature
  • Diderot – his work, century and legacy
  • Eastern philosophies and what in the West passes as “environmental ethics”
  • The nonhuman (which extends beyond “the animal”) and the child, as philosophically subjects


2018-19 SSHRC : Canada Graduate Scholarship Master’s Program

Associate Editor, Between The Species, ongoing (since 2010, if memory serves!)

“The Painting of Nature and the Nature of Painting: Diderot and “Transcendence”, Writing Nature, UCLA Department of French and Francophone Studies 23rd Annual Graduate Student Conference, October 18 & 19, 2018.

“Montessori and Philosophy for Children,” Thinking: The Journal of Philosophy for Children, 15 (1), 2000, 22-29

“The Rationality Premise,” Ethica, 9 (1), 1997, 59 – 83

“Against Nagel – In Favour of a Compound Human Ergon,” dialogue, 38 (2 – 3), April 1996, 77 – 82

“Fostering a Love of Wisdom: The Childhood of Simone de Beauvoir,” Paper Presentation, American Philosophical Assoc., Central Div. Meeting, Spring 1998

Guest Speaker, Philosophy and Feminism Course, Central Michigan University, 1998

Guest Lecturer, Environmental Ethics Course, The University of Victoria, Spring 1997

“The Search for Alternatives in Environmental Ethics,” Paper Presentation, Lakehead University 1994/5