PhD Student in Spanish

Juan Carlos Rodriguez


M.A. in Hispanic Literature, Las Cruces, NM-United States
B.A.  in Philosophy, Chihuahua, México

– Spanish T.A. in Las Cruces, NM-2001-2003
– English and Spanish Instructor, Universidad de Chihuahua-2005-2011



  • Migration
  • Transnational Identity
  • Women’s Studies
  • Margin/Periphery
  • Colonialism/Post-Colonialism

I’m focusing my research on transnational female identities. The way females’ identities change as they travel (for any reason) through different cultures or nations. My research touches on key concepts such as colonialism and post-colonialism, deconstructivism, post-modernism and others.




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“Transnational Communities: Delocalizing Culture” Presented at the Intercultural U: Colloquium. Organized by Liu Institute at UBC-Vancouver, March 22, 2013.

“Chilean Exile: An Aesthetics of Diaspora” Presented at the CALACS 2012 Congress. UBC-Okanagan, April 2012.


The FHIS Best Graduate Essay Prize for 2011 Winter:
“Transatlantic pícaros: The Only-ness of Atwood’s Lady Oracle and Quevedo’s El Buscón”