PhD Student in Spanish

Fabricio Tocco


M.A. in «Littérature, Histoire, Société», Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7, 2013.
B.A. In «Hispanic Studies», Universitat de Barcelona, 2015.
B.A. In «Comparative Literature», Universitat de Barcelona, 2010.

Born in Buenos Aires, raised in Brazil and Argentina, educated in Spain and France, just landed in Canada, deeply in awe of Beautiful British Columbia

My M.A. thesis “Une lecture du fantastique hispanique à la lumière de la sociologie et la théorie de la littérature” (summa cum laude, Mention très bien), based on concepts coined by the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, explored symbolic battles in the literary field during 19th and 20th centuries between Spanish and Argentine authors, translators, critics and literary institutions. My work focused on their attempt to impose on each other what they consider to be the “legitimate taste” regarding high and popular culture, specially through the different debates that they kept on specific literary genres: Fantastique short stories against traditional Realism.

In my Ph.D. dissertation I plan to approach another form of popular culture, i.e.: crime fiction, this time dealing with Latin American literary depictions of the tension between the State and the Individual, embodied by the police enforcement and the private detective. This tension (whose origins can be found as early as 19th century Poe’s crime stories) remained till our days as a genre convention that deserves a thorough analysis. Specially in Latin American societies, where the role of the State and the Individual (and consequently the role of public and private sector) have been discussed and revisited constantly through different political regimes in only four decades: evolving from authoritarian dictatorships, inarguably and unanimously adherents of State terrorism, to liberal democracies that oscillated in turn from neoliberal administrations to statists movements.


  • Late 20th Century and 21st Century Latin American Fiction and Culture.
  • Comp. Lit. approach: Literature, History and Sociology.
  • Popular culture: fantastique, detectives, crime fiction, hard-boiled.


Chapter of Books
«The Joycean Hero as a Treacherous Villain in J. M. Coetzee’s Summertime», The Real and the Reflected: Heroes and Villains in Existent and Imagined Worlds. (ISBN: 978-1-84888-106-8). (2012): 151-159. Inter-Disciplinary Press: Oxford.
«La irrupción de la memoria en la novela policial», América entre comillas. (2015). Linkgua Ediciones: Madrid. TBP.

Papers published in Scholar Journals
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