Sessional Lecturer of French

M.A. Learning / Didactics of French as a Second Language, University of Toulouse – Jean Jaurès
B.A. Language Sciences, University of Toulouse – Jean Jaurès
B.A. English Studies, University of Toulouse – Jean Jaurès


Winter 2017

FREN124 Keeping Up Your French Sections

Task-based entry-level course for non-specialists. Credits from this course may not count towards a Major or Minor in French, nor as prerequisite to subsequent core courses in French.

Winter 2017

FREN215 Oral French Practice Sections

Opportunities for students already well-grounded in grammar to improve their oral skills. Credit will be granted for only one of FREN 215 or FREN 224 and FREN 225.

Winter 2017

FREN112 Intermediate French II Sections

Not available for credit to students with FREN 12.