Interested in Becoming a French Teacher? Consider the BEd Program

A representative of UBC’s French Education program explains what to expect in the BEd program, and why FHIS graduates are a particularly great fit.

Who should consider teaching French?

If you have a BA in French, your educational background in French language and literacy makes you an ideal candidate for becoming a French teacher.

Teaching French is a great way to share your passion for French language and culture, and to promote Canadian bilingualism and multilingualism.

A large percentage of teaching candidates in the French Education program (BEd) have completed a bachelor’s degree in French at UBC. Many graduates find the 11-month French BEd program to be a natural extension of their career path and language development.

What teaching positions are out there?

There has never been a better time to become a French teacher, for they are very much in demand in BC schools.

Elementary and secondary French specialists are needed in all programs in BC:

  • Core French: Teach French as second language (Grades 5-12).
  • Intensive French: Teach French in an intensive immersion-like semester in Grade 6 and daily instruction in Grade 7.
  • French immersion (early and late): Teach subject content in French starting in Kindergarten or Grade 1 (early), or Grade 6 (late).
  • Francophone schools: Teach subject content in French within the Conseil Scolaire Francophone.

What opportunities are there for gaining field experience in the French-speaking community?

As a UBC teacher candidate, you will have the opportunity to do your Community Field Experience in a Francophone community (in Canada or overseas).

The Faculty of Education also offers the Institut de Français, UBC à Québec, a two-week summer immersion program for French language teachers in the heart of Quebec City. As a UBC teacher candidate admitted into the French BEd program, you are eligible for a bursary to participate in the institute prior to starting your BEd. Funding is provided by the government of Canada to support second official language instruction.

How can students continue to develop their French language proficiency in the program?

As a member of the French cohort, you will take the majority of your courses in French; you will speak with your colleagues, professors and advisors in French, as well as complete assignments in French.

You will also have a practicum experience in a Core French, French Immersion or a Francophone classroom. The Faculty of Education also offers additional language classes: Oral Language Support for French Teacher Candidates and Gramligne: Apprendre et enseigner la grammaire communicative en langue seconde.

Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to take part in specially designed workshops and weekend events, such as Séjour UBC, which are focused on developing language, cultural knowledge, and pedagogical practices.

What have the experiences of former BEd students been like?

You can hear interviews with BEd graduates on our website under the “Testimonials” tab. Some comments include:

  • “La langue française m’a ouvert beaucoup de portes … La cohorte est toute petite. J’ai trouvé comme une famille à UBC.” – Zeyna Ndiaye, Elementary French 
  • “J’ai vraiment adoré la cohorte française … On était vraiment là pour tout le monde.” – Olivia Barratt, Secondary French 
  • “C’est extrêmement important comme enseignante de français d’avoir une expérience dans une ville française, ça change tout … comment tu perçois une culture, comment tu parles, ce que tu veux enseigner aux élèves … tout.” – Suman Lali, Secondary French, on her Community Field Experience in Quebec

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