Faculty Stories

Reimagining Higher Education: Reflections on the transition to online course delivery

UBC’s transition to remote teaching and learning in response to COVID-19 was extremely complex, taxing and stressful for instructors and students. While the Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies (FHIS) works extremely hard to ensure the best possible experience for students in the fall, faculty share their reflections on the transition so far—from the […]

Professor André Lamontagne: Reflecting on 31 Years at UBC

Professor André Lamontagne spent his entire career — 31 years, to be exact — at UBC’s Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies (FHIS). In addition to teaching, researching, and publishing, he served as FHIS Department Head, co-founded the Centre de la Francophonie de UBC, and was awarded special distinctions by the French Government and […]

Killam Teaching Prize recipient Maria Carbonetti shares about Community Engaged Learning

Dr. Maria Carbonetti shares about taking risks, making an impact, and the power of community engaged learning in helping students apply their skills far beyond the classroom. "Experiential, community engaged learning allows students to make relevant links between the literature they read and the actual people who live(d) through the events that are described..."

Professor Ralph Sarkonak: Reflecting on 36 Years at UBC

Upon his retirement, Dr. Ralph Sarkonak shares some parting words for the FHIS community and reflects on the highlights of his fruitful career. "I don't have close family in Vancouver, so in many ways, the Department was my family. I've been preparing for retirement, slowing down this last year ... but I don't want to stop."

María Adelaida Escobar-Trujillo’s “Tiempo del sur” addresses illegal immigration, homosexuality, death and love

Dr. María Adelaida Escobar-Trujillo shares the inspiration behind her first fiction novel. "Writing this novel helped me say serious things—political statements that might be dangerous to say in other contexts—through different voices. This is the freedom of creative writing..."

Killam Teaching Prize recipient Brianne Orr-Álvarez shares best practices and memorable moments

Dr. Brianne Orr-Álvarez received the prestigious 2018 Killam Teaching Prize in recognition of excellence in teaching. Here, she reflects on her teaching career and the lessons she has learned along the way. "I thank my lucky stars every day that I had the courage to pursue this path after receiving advice from my professors. I really hope to do the same for my students..."