Language assistant program in Valencia- Spain

The Education Office of the Embassy of Spain in Ottawa has announced openings for U.S. and Canadian Language and Culture Assistants in the region of Valencia (Spain) for the school year 2017-2018.

The language and culture assistant program is an initiative of the Spanish Ministry of Education. The program is primarily devoted to foreign students with a Bachelor’s Degree or in their last year of studies, interested in Spanish language and culture or teachers who want to retrain in Spanish.

Students will spend a semester, January to June of 2018, in Spain. All the positions are in Comunidad de Valencia, in primary schools.

Its main objective is to provide foreign students (with a native English speaking ability) with the opportunity to teach English in Spain in primary schools (16 hours a week). This program also allows Spanish students the opportunity to get to know a different culture by interacting with English native speakers.

The language assistants receive a monthly stipend to cover accommodation expenses, (1000 euros a month), a medical insurance and an orientation course on arrival. Transportation from and to the country of origin will depend on the selected candidates. Candidates must possess a university degree or be in their final year in college at the end of the current academic year and have a bilingual proficiency in English.

The Valencia region is situated on the Mediterranean coast. For more information you can check the following link.

For further information about the program, please contact: