Images of Movement: Migrants and Tourists

Anna Casas and Gaoheng Zhang
Green College, UBC
Tuesday, November 14, 5-6:30 pm, with reception to follow

in the series
Green College Leading Scholars: A Study of Movement – In Three Movements

This panel will explore how photography and the mass media interpret the mobility and gender dynamics of tourists and migrants in Barcelona and Milan. Through case studies from two of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities, it will begin a dialogue on how local artists and journalists address tourists and migrants in their works—a discussion that would extend naturally to the Vancouver context.

Anna Casas is an Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies at UBC. Her teaching and research focus on gender and cultural studies in contemporary Spain, with a particular interest in literature, cinema and photography. Her book manuscript, Masculine Subjectivity and Self-Writing in Spain, examines how numerous authors who grew up during Francisco Franco’s dictatorship confronted and reconstituted the regime’s model of fatherhood and masculinity.

Gaoheng Zhang is an Assistant Professor of Italian Studies at UBC. His publications, teaching, public talks, and exhibitions have focused on Italy’s global networks through migration, colonialism, and travel during the 19th-21st centuries. He specializes in Chinese migration to Italy and contemporary Italian-Chinese relations as they are conveyed in diverse media. Currently he is under contract to revise a book manuscript titled Migration and the Media: Debating Chinese Migration to Italy, 1992-2012.