Oral French Practice

French 215, a transitional oral course, is designed to enhance communication skills. It is geared towards students who already have a good general knowledge of grammar and a certain ability to express themselves orally, but want to improve it.
This dynamic course is student-centered and task-based. Over the 2 terms, students will practice oral skills (speaking, listening) as well written skills (vocabulary building, grammar in context) relating to everyday contexts.
The class will meet 3 times a week, for an hour, over both terms. The objective is to create an immersion-like atmosphere and to provide students with a variety of tasks and projects in order to build confidence in communication skills in an interactive and co-constructive learning environment.
The multi-media materials will be based on contemporary Francophone social, cultural, political, environmental matters, and will be provided in class.

Prerequisite: One of FREN 123, FREN 124

Language of instruction: French

Note: Credit will not be given for both FREN 215 and FREN 224 or FREN 225.

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