FHIS Undergraduate Student Community

Practice your conversational skills in a fun and relaxed setting by connecting with the wider community!
FHIS Communities
FHIS Learning CentreFree support for students of all levels of French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Enhance your language proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Spanish for CommunityExpand your linguistic skills and cultural understanding by engaging in meaningful community projects with members of Metro Vancouver's Hispanic community.
Centre de la francophonieThe Centre's purpose is to promote the French language on campus and in the community, to celebrate Francophonie here and elsewhere, and to foster dialogue among Canada's cultures. Enjoy movie nights and more!
UBC Student Associations and Clubs
Club de EspañolEveryone who speaks, is learning or wants to improve their Spanish is welcome to join our club — beginners and native speakers alike!
Italian Student AssociationA student-run organization representing the Italian community at UBC. Our aim is to promote Italian culture, history and traditions (and provide our amazing food for everyone to enjoy). Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of the cultural background.
Francophone Student AssociationOur club’s objective is to encourage the development and gathering of the Francophone community of UBC. This community belongs to those whose native language or cultural heritage is linked to the French language, as well as to all foreign students who identify themselves as members of this community in the larger sense (Francophiles).
Mexican Student AssociationWhether you are Mexican or not, we invite you to be part of MEXSA! Our mission is to share Mexican culture with UBC’s multicultural community. Through various cultural and social events, we want to create a student network where people can share their opinions, ideas and traditions. At the same time, we want to be a step of change in the world by promoting events that help fight inequality.
Study or Work Abroad
Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF)The Teaching Assistant Program in France offers you the opportunity to work in France for 7 months, teaching English to French students of all ages.
Campus France CanadaA service of the French Embassy in Canada for young Canadians (and foreign students living in Canada) wishing to pursue studies or work in France.
Go Global: Venice, ItalyStudy abroad through UBC’s Go Global Seminar (Summer 2019).
Go Global: Quito, EcuadorStudy abroad through UBC’s Go Global Seminar (Summer 2019).
Go Global: Québec City, CanadaStudy abroad through UBC’s Go Global Seminar (Summer 2019).
Cultural Centres
Spanish English XchangeWe're a language exchange (Spanish and English) and cultural sharing group. We meet twice a week to exchange languages and practice our speaking skills. We also do extra outdoor and indoor activities on weekends for fun while continuing to converse.
Italian Cultural CentreICC exists to share Italian culture, values and heritage with the larger community, offering a breadth of cultural activities.
Consulate General of ItalySubscribe to their events newsletter by emailing vancouver.cultural@esteri.it
Consulate General of FranceInstitutional support and cultural information throughout western Canada for the French and passionate about France.

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