Teaching with Apps: T.A. Training Workshop


Student engagement in the language classroom is enhanced through responsible use of technology.

In this interactive and hands-on workshop, Brianne Orr-Álvarez will showcase  how she uses technology in her own classrooms and will encourage workshop participants to convert a “regular” activity into a technology-enhanced one in the final 30-40 minutes of the session.

Special Instructions:

Workshop participants will need to bring to the workshop a device (laptop or tablet) and an example of an existing effective activity that they would like to “technologically enhance.”

Learning Outcomes:

  • Provide methodology for teaching with technology
  • Observe the effective use of technology (apps) in a language context;
  • Participate in a live demonstration of technology-based activities;
  • Adapt an existing activity into a technologically-enhanced one through one of the three apps introduced in the demonstration.