Research Seminar: Fear of the Past, or Why History can Destabilize Convention

Baj, Enrico; Fire! Fire! (Al fuoco, al fuoco); Tate;

The Hispanic Studies Research Seminar presents…

“Fear of the Past, or Why History can Destabilize Convention” presented by Serge Guilbaut, AHVA Department

Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 3:00-4:30pm
Ponderosa Annex E – Room 121

This talk, based on the exhibition “Lost, Loose and Loved. Foreign Artists in Paris, 1944–1968,” which I curated at Madrid’s Reina Sofía museum, will present the post-war situation through the production of foreign-born artists who went to Paris to discover themselves or to find success through Parisian critical filters. These artists also contributed to the cultural reconstruction of the post-war French capital that was trying to be the standard-bearer for Western artistic achievement. I will talk about the excitement and difficulties encountered in the production of the show.

All welcome.

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