Public Talk: “Mapping La Bestia: Migrancy, Posthegemony, and Primitive Accumulation” with Dr. Abraham Acosta

This talk is a materialist analysis of global capital, contemporary primitive accumulation and subject formation in Central American migration.

Central Americans have become the fastest growing Latino population in the United States. Yet today, as global capital has eclipsed the nation-state as the privileged center of economic and social life, the Central American migrant has emerged as the most pervasive figure of precariousness. Caught between gang violence and exploitation in their home countries, migrants are then forced to negotiate the even more violent drug and trafficking networks in Mexico, followed (if they are lucky) by an uncertain fate in an increasingly unwelcoming USA.

Drawing from recent theoretical discussions on biopolitics, subalternity, and posthegemony, Professor Acosta reads Oscar Martinez’s journalistic narrative The Beast, which documents with harrowing detail the perilous journey Central American migrants face when crossing Mexico.

Liu Institute for Global Issues – Boardroom (3rd floor)
Light Lunch will be served
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