Public Lecture: Best Practices for Learning and Teaching Vocabulary in an Additional Language

Dr. Andreea Cervatiuc
Department of Language & Literacy Education (LLED)
Faculty of Education, UBC

Lecture Description
This lecture proposes a framework for understanding and supporting the development of vocabulary in an additional language. The target audience for this lecture consists of practicing or aspiring teachers of additional languages (e.g. English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin, etc.), as well as linguists, researchers, students, and teacher trainers. The lecture explores various classifications of lexical items, types of vocabulary knowledge, word frequency lists, and text coverage. It unpacks the intricacies of the process of learning vocabulary in an additional language and explains what additional language teachers can do to accelerate their students’ vocabulary acquisition rate. The proposed framework for vocabulary development combines explicit instruction, incidental learning, and independent strategy development.

Speaker’s Bio
Dr. Andreea Cervatiuc is an Instructor in the Department of Language & Literacy Education (LLED) of the Faculty of Education at UBC and the Coordinator of the Online MEd in Teaching English as a Second Language. She is the recipient of the TESOL Award for Distinguished Research, the International Award for Outstanding TESOL Article, and the Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Calgary. Her scholarship focuses on learning and teaching additional language vocabulary, second language acquisition and teaching, curriculum development, language assessment, online education, and multilingualism.

The lecture will immediately be followed by a workshop on “Developing Activities and Materials for Learning and Teaching Vocabulary in an Additional Language”