Affiliated Programs

African Studies

The Faculty of Arts offers a minor in African Studies, an interdisciplinary program including a wide variety of courses in history, geography, anthropology, literature in English and in French, political science, food and nutrition, women’s studies, musicology, Near Eastern Studies, and linguistics. Core courses in African Studies include AFST 250 (introduction to African Studies) and AFST 351 and 352 (Perspectives in African Studies). Students are also encouraged to participate in an African Studies Symposium and other events such as those of the Africa Awareness Initiative designed to promote dialogue and reflection on the many dimensions of African and Africana history, experience and thought.

Medieval Studies

Students of the Middle Ages, whatever their special area of interest, know that interdisciplinary study is no recent invention but an approach older than the modern system of organizing knowledge by “disciplines.” Through a study of the Medieval period, students can come to an understanding of a civilization in both its unity and diversity. Such a study offers coherence rather than fragmentation. If a liberal education is to be developed around an understanding of the past and present in terms of the connections among various phenomena, then medieval studies is central to that education.

Canadian Studies

Canadian Studies at UBC is a vibrant multidisciplinary community of students and faculty who critically engage Canada’s past and present and seek to understand Canada’s place in the world. With over 90 faculty in Arts working on aspects of Canada from the disciplines of Anthropology, Asian Studies, Art History, Economics,Film, First Nations Studies, French, Gender Studies,Geography, History, Literature, Political Science,Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, and Theatre, Canadian Studies at UBC spans a diverse range of interests and brings together important questions and debates about Canada from the humanities to the social sciences.