Advising: Full Courses & Waitlists

Full courses:

If the course you are registering for is full, you have four options:

  • Register for a waitlist section on the Student Service Centre (SSC), if available
  • Waitlisted courses will take up credits
  • The department will move you to the course as space becomes available
  • Check SSC regularly to see if you have been added to the course as the department may not notify you of your successful registration

  • Availability may change up until the add/drop deadline
  • If a student drops a course, you can register in it

  • Check if there are cross-listed courses in a course’s description on the UBC Course Schedule
  • Check Degree Navigator /degree-planning/year-by-year-planning/degree-navigator to find alternative requirements or courses you can take
  • Try using the course search function on the UBC Course Schedule

  • Some instructors may be willing to sign "Force Registration" forms for students
  • After receiving the instructor’s approval, hand the form to the FHIS Department Office before the add/drop deadline
  • These forms are only used to force a student into a full section during the first days of classes


All waitlists are managed through the Student Service Centre (SSC) and are indicated with the designation WL. Instructors and course coordinators do not keep informal waitlists.

Please register on the waitlist. This serves two purposes:

  1. If space opens up in any section of this course, you will be notified and/or placed automatically in the open section.
  2. If there is sufficient demand for an additional section of this course to be offered, you will be notified when an additional section is created.

There is usually movement between sections and across courses before the end of the second week of term, so you have a chance of finding a seat.

Please continue to keep checking SSC frequently.

  • Still can't find an answer? Contact an advisor:

    Alternatively, visit during office hours.