Advising: Career Possibilities

A Major or Minor in any of our subject areas can help you reach your professional goals:

Our graduates are equipped for any field in which connection and internationalism count. These include careers in:

  • Government and politics
  • Public service
  • Foreign service
  • Business
  • Human resource management
  • Project management
  • Education, academia, research
  • Law
  • Cultural and historical organizations
  • Humanitarian work
  • Non-profits
  • Tourism
  • Translation
  • Journalism
  • Public relations
  • Many more!

Here's what former students have been up to since graduating:

Many students find that a Major or Minor in one of our programs pairs well with other specializations, including International Relations, Political Science, Geography, Human Resource Management and more.

You will develop transferable skills that can be applied to a wide variety of fields. These skills include:

  • Language proficiency (hard skill)
  • Cultural awareness
  • International & intercultural know-how
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Communication skills
  • Research skills

French Studies:

French is one of Canada's two official languages and, after English, the second most widely learned foreign language in the world. In British Columbia graduates from our programmes find employment opportunities in the Province's vibrant French immersion programmes and 37 Francophone schools. Across Canada, French language skills are an asset when applying for federal public sector jobs and a necessity for advancing to higher-ranking positions. With more than 200 million French speakers worldwide, French is among the principal languages of diplomacy and of international organizations. Our Minor, Major or Honours programmes are designed to enhance students’ active communication skills and develop their appreciation of Francophone cultures and literatures. Speaking French offers access to great works of literature, art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine, and cinema.

Hispanic Studies:

Specializing in Spanish connects students with a community of approximately 405 million Hispanic speakers. Our program offers Spanish language classes to develop solid communicative and interpersonal skills and our community-based classes introduce students to the local Hispanic community. Spanish majors also learn about the rich literary and artistic manifestations of the Hispanic community. Our Majors seek to apply their Spanish to boost their skills in fields such as International Relations, Commerce, or Chemistry. In short, Spanish Majors develop the linguistic competencies, cultural sensitivity, and interpersonal skills to successfully achieve professional, social, and humanitarian goals in the Hispanic world.

Italian Studies:

Italy is one of the top seven economies in the world, the third largest in the Euro-zone.  It is also a world leader in fields such as fashion, graphic design, interior design and the culinary arts. Italy is a country with an extremely rich cultural history whose legacy in music, architecture, arts, and philosophy is well-recognized around the world: over 60% of the world’s heritage sites are found in Italy! At UBC, we offer a wide range of courses in which students develop communicative skills and explore Italian literature, arts and culture in a global context. We also offer courses specific to career fields (Italian for Opera) and project-based courses in the community and abroad. Courses in the target language are offered up to the fourth year, and the degree is designed to offer students the greatest flexibility, depending on their specific objectives.

Portuguese Studies:

With more than 250 million speakers across every continent, it is the 7th most widely spoken language in the world.  In Canada alone, there are over 400 thousand citizens of Portuguese descent and, due to Brazil’s prominence on the global stage, Portuguese is considered one of the most strategically significant languages on the international scene.  The Portuguese program at UBC offers a variety of courses for students at many levels of language proficiency and understanding.  It is designed to enhance active communication skills and to develop an appreciation of the various cultures of the Portuguese-speaking world.  UBC offers 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year language courses based on diverse cultural contexts, as well as Brazilian literature and culture courses offered in English.  The Portuguese language serves as a gateway to the rich diversity of Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) history, music, literature, cinema, and art.

Romance Studies:

Romance Studies allows students to study more than one of our Department's languages. The Honours programme offers an initiation to graduate work and to advanced academic writing and research. Honours students participate in our research seminar and, under the guidance of a supervisor, write an extended research paper on an original topic. The research, writing, and project skills that are developed in the Honours project go beyond those of the BA, to the point that a strong Honours degree is often considered equivalent to a Master’s degree and can lead directly to a PhD programme. Honours students are particularly well qualified for professional research positions.

Latin American Studies:

The Latin American Studies program is designed to give students a general knowledge of and strong interdisciplinary approach to the language, culture, society, geography, political systems, and history of Latin America. LAS students graduate with wide-ranging skills that are in demand in diverse industries and governmental settings. The Latin American Studies major and minor serve as the foundation for careers in public service, business, education, humanitarian work, law, health care, non-profit organizations, NGOs, foreign service, tourism, and many other fields. Students are strongly encouraged to combine the Latin American Studies major or minor with a major or minor in another discipline, to expand their multi-disciplinary skills even further.

UBC Career Services offers general advising on career exploration, professional opportunities and job-seeking skills.

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