Advanced Portuguese

PORT 301 offers advanced work in composition for students who have reached the Language-Requirement level of Portuguese.

PORT 301 is an advanced level course for students who wish to improve their writing skills, vocabulary and style. Students will practice reading and writing in Portuguese. Although part of the term will be devoted to a selective review of grammar, the majority of the course will focus on developing writing skills, both through practice and revision and through analysis of the various styles and registers of written Portuguese. Students will also practice their listening and comprehension skills.

This course is designed for students who have completed PORT 202, PORT 210, or the equivalent and who are ready to undertake advanced language study to practice and improve their Portuguese.

Required text:
Patricia Sobral: Mapeando a língua portuguesa através das artes, corrected edition. Hackett Publishing Company, 2015.

Prerequisite: PORT 202 or equivalent

Language of instruction: Portuguese

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