MA Student in French

Mélanie Bennett


Mélanie Bennett is a MA candidate in French Literature who holds the following degrees:  Bachelor of Arts (French, dance), Bachelor of Education, Master of Public Administration (Peace and conflict studies).  She is also an alumnus of Ballet Creole School of the Performing Arts.  Mélanie is currently researching gender relations, marriage, and subversion in the Renaissance work Heptaméron by Marguerite de Navarre.  She is concurrently working on a postgraduate diploma of instructional design in the larger context of a Master of Education in Distance Education.

Prior to graduate studies at UBC, Mélanie worked as a teacher in Ontario French language schools and in Japan as well as at the School of the Public Service of Canada.  She was a Rotary World Peace Fellow at the Peace Centre at International Christian University in Tokyo.   In addition, she is a professional dance theatre artist who performs and produces full length works, a freelance translator, and has worked in heritage interpretation at the Parliament of Canada and the Ontario Legislature.


  • Feminist and queer theories; postcolonial, Marxism, and post-structural theories; radical, critical, and feminist pedagogies; information processing and cognitive theories of learning, connectivism
  • Qualitative and feminist methodologies, action research
  • International and intercultural education, distance education, instructional design,
  • Littératures de la francophonie canadienne, sociolinguistics of francophone linguistic minorities
  • Seizième siècle


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