MA Student in French

Brynn completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Victoria, where she did a double major of French and English. Her current research projects surround Lacanian theory on children and day-dreaming, as well as identity in 20th century Quebecois novels.





Quebecois Literature, Renaissance Literature, Children’s Literature, Translation Theory and Second Language Acquisition.


Publications :
August 2015. UVIC Special Collections Website: “Account of the Kings of England.” Co-author and co-researcher.

September 2015. “Paul a un travail d’été (Michel Rabagliati) et Le Petit Prince (Antoine de Saint- Exupéry) : Une analyse de l’intertextualité’. Published in the Arbutus Review.
Recent Conference Presentation:
April 1, 2016. “Cultural References in Jean Francois Ménard’s French Translation of Harry Potter a L’école Des Sorciers: an Analysis of the Translated Catchphrases and Spells and Cultural Elements”. Regional Identities on a Global Scale: Translation, Audience, Reception. The University of British Columbia. Vancouver B.C.