Italian 102

Building on Italian 101, the Italian 102 course helps students develop all four language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) and gain a beginner level of proficiency in interacting in Italian and communicating in situations, such as discuss people and events in the students’ life, in the present and from the past, talk about their childhood or memorable trips; address different people; ask for directions and order in a restaurant; express likes and dislikes and make plans for the weekend and other occasions.

The course adopts a highly interactive and communicative approach and students participate in a variety of engaging and fun activities. Students will be asked to do many activities and exercises in pairs and in groups. Willingness to interact in Italian and all efforts will be rewarded!

Learners will read ads, email messages, and short articles or stories, and work towards developing correct pronounciation of the language; listen and understand class instructions as well as simple dialogues, short videos and songs; write formal and informal messages and short compositions to describe people and places. In this course particular attention will be devoted to the enhancement of the comprehension and writing skills, and the use of authentic and motivating material to help students to develop an awareness of some cultural topics, such as sports and Italian life, school system, traditional festivities, art, Italian cities and travelling throughout Italy.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Comprehend, speak, read and write Italian at a beginner level, on topics ranging from oneself, family members, interests, sports, school experiences, and your home;
  2. Talk with some confidence about present and past events and use the present as well as the passato prossimo and imperfect tenses;
  3. Use Italian in everyday situations such as order at a restaurant or bar, asking for directions, purchasing a bus or train ticket, making plans for the weekend.
  4. Express likes and dislikes.

Required Text: Percorsi, Vol. 2, Customized edition, available at UBC bookstore

Prerequisite: ITAL 101 or equivalent

Language of instruction: Italian

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