Honours Essay

Required of all Honours candidates, the Honours Essay represents an extended personal research project (in finished form usually about 35-40 pages typewritten) carried out under the supervision of two members of the faculty. Preliminary research on the topic chosen is expected to be completed by mid-term, at which time the candidate is required to submit for approval a detailed outline of the projected work. The finished essay is due on the last day of lectures of the term.

The Honours Essay is seen less as an original contribution to knowledge than as a means for providing the student with an opportunity to become familiar with the methodological problems of research as well as with the techniques and problems of scholarly writing.

Students who are planning to do an Honours Essay must submit a proposal to the Major and Honours Advisor. The proposal must include a one-page abstract, a bibliography, and the names of the two professors who are willing to meet with the student regularly to supervise the work. This proposal should be submitted by November 1 if the student intends to begin in January.