An Interdisciplinary Approach to French I

An interactive, student-centered course for former French Immersion students who are not specializing in French but want to improve their communication skills in French and want to keep in touch with French contemporary culture.

Required texts:
Hervé de Fontenay, Marie-Noëlle Legous, Du bout de la langue au bout des doigts. Nelson Education, 1999.
Jean-Christophe Rufin, Le collier rouge. Éditions Gallimard, 2014.

Le Nouveau Petit Robert

Prerequisite: Français 12 (FRAL 12)

French language for ex-immersion students.
Credit will not be granted for FREN 215 and FREN 224.
Not available for credit to anyone who has received credit for FREN 222 or FREN 342.

Language of instruction: French

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