French Language and Style II

A continuation of FREN 222, in the same format. To be taken by all students intending to proceed to the Minor, Major or Honours program in French. FREN 223 is a prerequisite to all senior language and linguistics courses in French.

Recommended texts:
Le Petit Robert de la langue française (any recent edition)
Contrastes. Grammaire du français courant. Denise Rochat, Prentice Hall: 2nd edition, 2009

Prerequisite: FREN 222 or assignment based on placement test.

French 223 cannot be taken concurrently with 222 or 353 without the permission of an undergraduate advisor in French.
Students who have already taken FREN 224 and/or FREN 225 may take FREN 222 and/or FREN 223 for credit, although they are not required to do so to qualify for admission to 300-level French language courses.

Language of instruction: French

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