[Cross-listed with FREN 342]

French Language and Style I

In-depth grammatical analysis of the simple French sentence and its components, to enable students to understand the language better and to write it more clearly and idiomatically.  Written work will include both structural exercises and short writing assignments.

Recommended texts:
Le Petit Robert de la langue française (any recent edition)
Contrastes. Grammaire du français courant. Denise Rochat, Prentice Hall: 2nd edition, 2009

FREN 123 (or FREN 225 for students who have taken the entry-level courses for French immersion graduates, FREN 224 & 225, in place of 122 and 123).
As for other courses in French, the prerequisite for FREN 222 is soft, so students lacking it will see a warning screen, but will not be blocked from actually registering.
But take that warning seriously:  do not join FREN 222 without having written the FREN 222/223 Placement Test and earned a score of at least 66 points.

Students NOT specializing in French or Romance Studies may earn upper-level credit for FREN 222 by registering under the code FREN 342, an alternate code for the same course, graded to the same standards.

Students who have already taken FREN 224 and/or FREN 225 may take FREN 222 and/or FREN 223 for credit, although they are not required to do so to qualify for admission to 300-level French language courses.

Language of instruction: French

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