Oral French Practice: Une approche interactive à partir des médias

French 215, a transitional oral course, is designed to enhance communication skills. It is geared towards students who already have a good general knowledge of grammar and a certain ability to express themselves orally, but want to improve it.

To serve that purpose, a broad range of activities encompassing the study of videos, films, texts, as well as debates, interactive presentations, discussions on current events will be used, based on the needs and interests of the class. These various activities will serve as a basis to improve oral comprehension and pronunciation, to expand vocabulary and to trigger discussions in class.

Grammar will not be studied systematically, but some aspects of it which are still not well mastered at this level will be covered through different activities. Explanations will be developed too, in a practical way, from the current mistakes made by the students in class.

As it is an important aspect of the oral use of the language, colloquial French will be introduced and dealt with throughout the year.

One hour per week is devoted to the language laboratory with a strong emphasis on grammar and phonetics.

Course Materials:
Course materials will be on UBC Connect.

Prerequisite: FREN 123

Credit will not be given for both FREN 215 and FREN 224 or FREN 225. Students who have completed Français 12 or the Programme Francophone will normally be considered overqualified for French 215.

Graduates of Français 12 should register in FREN 224 (a course designed specifically for them) or in the normal sequence of language courses—122, 123, 222, 223—at the point indicated by their standing in grade 12 or by the results of a placement test.

Graduates of the Programme Francophone should choose a course in light of placement test results and in consultation with an advisor in French.

Language of instruction: French

Choose one French 215 Lab.
Labs are held in Buchanan B126 every week starting the 2nd week of each Term

Course Registration