Keeping Up Your French

French 124 is an entry level course for students who have completed French 12 and who would like to keep up their functional proficiency in French without undertaking the specialized training needed for the Major or Minor.

This course is student-centered and task-based.

Students will be involved in choosing and planning a series of collaborative tasks focusing on contemporary Francophone culture, such as the creation of an online newspaper, a film trailer, an advertising clip, etc.

Each task will involve a series of steps corresponding to different language skills: vocabulary building, writing process, peer-editing, grammar in context and oral delivery.

The class will meet once each week, for ninety minutes, over both terms.

Required text:
Jean-Bernard Pouy: Mission secrète. Clé international.

Prerequisite: French 12 or FREN 112

French 124 is not countable toward the requirements of the Honours, Major or Minor programs in French, and it does not meet the prerequisite for FREN 220, 221 or 222.

Language of instruction: French

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