Contemporary French Language and Literature I

A review of French grammar and an introduction to contemporary literature written in French, with emphasis on essay writing and textual analysis.

Activities will include:

  • an interactive approach to the review of French grammar, stressing communicative competence
  • an introduction to a variety of literary texts by French and other francophone authors
  • an introduction to the study of a substantial literary work
  • an introduction to simple essay-writing in French.

Three hours a week devoted to grammar, literature and essay-writing. Lectures and class discussions are all conducted in French. If you are unsure whether this is the appropriate level of French course for you, click here.

Required texts:
Denise Rochat, Contrastes. 2nd ed. Pearson, 2009.
Ying Chen, Les Lettres chinoises.

Collins-Robert, French-English English-French Dictionary (hard cover edition)

Course website:
The website for this course is availabe through Connect.

One of French 12, FREN 112, FREN 121 or equivalent.

Successful completion of French 122 leads to French 123 and further courses in French language and/or literature.
French 122 cannot be taken concurrently with 123 without the permission of an undergraduate advisor in French.

Language of instruction: French

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